An introduction to Internet TV

Recently, a good,"formula one mad" friend of mine told me how he telephoned his son in the UK and asked him to turn on the live race. They then, connected to each other on Skype using web cams. His son turned his web cam around towards the TV and together, they watched the race - live!

It just goes to show, how resourceful we can be when motivated in the right way but, does it really have to be that complicated and can we improve on, what must have been, "NOT" the best viewing experience?

Over coming weeks, I am going to write about all aspects of Internet TV, I am going to tell you: how to connect your computer to your TV and record and save your favourite shows, how to receive live TV over the Internet and watch it on your TV screen, I am going to tell you what hardware is needed, tell you where to purchase the hardware and set it up and I am going to test and report on some of the most common devices and pieces of hardware. Readers will be surprised to hear just how little it can cost to turn your PC into a media centre! here to expand or, collapse the full article

Internet TV - What is it all about?

Until now, without a 4.2 metre satellite dish or, several small dishes, a large set-up fee and a recurring monthly subscription, it has not been possible to get the daily doseage of Coronation Street, Eastenders, X-factor, Strictly come Dancing etc. that most of us "Brits" are all accustomed to. Not to mention the legalities of receiving a signal outside the official coverage area and the possibility that one day, the signal could be switched off at a minutes notice. here to expand or, collapse the full article

Your Internet connection

Before I delve into this topic any further, I have to emphasise the importance of having a good Internet connection. Without a good connection, there is no point in trying to watch TV over the Internet but with a good connection, readers will be amazed at the quality of picture and with the overall viewing experience.

The vast majority of us (this side of the mountain) have a wireless Internet connection fed to us through a series of base station antennas from one of the several companies offering this type of service in Northern Cyprus. In Lefkosa, where more people are likely to have a landline telephone, ADSL Internet connections are also very popular. In either instance, 800 kbps (100 kBps) of constant bandwidth is what is needed to watch TV over the Internet. here to expand or, collapse the full article

What is available?

There are three ways in which we can watch TV programs using our PC and Internet Connection.

We can download the media files to our computer's hard disk drive in any one of a number of file formats and then use a media player to play the files. This method has a number of advantages over the other methods:-

We can download the files over-night when we wouldn't normally be using our Internet connection for other purposes. We can do this, even with a very slow Internet connection although, it may take some time to download large files on a slow connection. We can store the downloaded files locally and archive and save them if we wish. We can write the files to USB drives or, DVDs for the convenience of playing them on our TVs later. here to expand or, collapse the full article

Slingbox Media Players

Media servers such as the Slingbox can compress and transmit a data stream (TV picture) over an Internet connection. The data stream is received and played by a software media player which is installed on a computer.

First, you need a TV source, let's say, a UK "free to air" digital signal into a UK property. This could be your own property or, that of a friend or, relative. The incoming signal is connected to a Slingbox media server and in turn, this is connected to an Internet connection. The Internet connection needs a minimum of 1Mbit of upload bandwidth. Please note that an Internet connection with 20 Mbit download bandwidth does not necessarily provide 1 Mbit of continuous upload bandwidth. This is important so, before you purchase any hardware, check the specifications of the Internet connection with the service provider in the UK. here to expand or, collapse the full article

Cables and Connectors

Everyone has watched a video clip on a web site such as "youtube" usually, in a small window on our computer screen and, whilst this is acceptable for small (30 second) downloaded media files, it isn't really acceptable if we want to watch one or, two hours of streaming video.

Last week we introduced a piece of hardware called the "Slingbox" which can transmit a video data stream over the Internet. The received video is played on the full computer screen using a software media player. There are many such players - "Windows Media Player 11" being one of them. This gives a much better viewing experience and we can comfortably watch and enjoy a one or, two hour program or, film on our computer's monitor but, it would be much better, if we could transmit this picture to our TV especially, if we use a "high end" graphics adapter in our computer. The problem however, is, how do we connect our computer to our TV? here to expand or, collapse the full article

Testing Your Hardware

Most readers won't know whether their computer or, more specifically: the speed of their computer, the quality of the graphics adapter, the amount of memory and, the quality/speed of their Internet connection, are all good enough to play full screen streaming media. Some may have already tried to play media files on their computer and experienced bad results.

There is no doubt that, when playing media files, starting off with a new installation of Windows XP or, Vista will improve the quality and performance of your computer. Readers who are seriously interested in experimenting with Internet TV should begin by making sure that their Windows operating system is a brand new installation by formatting and re-installing or, over-writing Windows. here to expand or, collapse the full article

BBC i Player and Downloading Speeds

A popular misconception amongst readers is that you need a 1 Megabit Internet connection to watch TV on your computer. This, simply, isn't true. Granted, to watch 'un-interrupted' streaming TV on your computer (simultaneously watching the TV as the picture arrives) does require a 1 Mbit connection, but to download the pictures and watch them later, when the dowload is complete, requires an Internet connection of 'any' speed. Obviously, the faster the connection, the quicker the files download.

So, let's take a look at how long it takes to download some TV programs on a 512kbps connection (the most popular connection speed in the TRNC.) The average 'total' amount of data that needs to be downloaded, per half our TV program, does vary, but here are some examples: here to expand or, collapse the full article

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